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Trillium Consulting, LLC

My goal is to promote on-the-ground wildlife and habitat conservation through consultation with private landowners and by providing conservation agencies with technical writing services and meeting facilitation. 

Dr. Melinda Knutson, owner


I'm retired from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and now work part-time as a conservation consultant.  During my career I worked as a research wildlife biologist for the U.S. Geological Survey and as a regional biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  My expertise is with birds, amphibians, designing biological inventories and monitoring, and conservation planning.


Land Health Check-up

Landowners want to enjoy their property and provide habitat for native plants and animals.  Wildlife watching can enrich your life in unexpected ways! There is nothing to compare with hearing the frogs in the springtime, birds in the summer, or seeing those tracks in new-fallen snow. Trillium Consulting can suggest many ways to enhance the conservation values of your property. Services range from a site visit and simple recommendations to a complete land health check-up with a written land stewardship plan.

Technical Writing

Sometimes agency staff struggle to finalize long documents like conservation plans or species status assessments.  Trillium Consulting can efficiently draft, edit, and finalize technical papers and plans.  This frees up agency staff to focus on what they do best: protecting and managing land and the species that need it most.

Reviewing document
Business Plan

Meeting Facilitation

Conservation of species and habitats can be complex, involving multiple tradeoffs among competing interests as well as time and finance constraints. Often, actions or investments must be prioritized. Trillium Consulting provides meeting and workshop facilitation that promotes transparent, collaborative problem-solving.  

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